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What is theMindSuite?

Future Strategies Inc. was established in 1993, and has since had an impeccable track record for delivering quality service to each and every client.


theMindSuite is one of our core brands and rose out of our work with the Voice of the Customer, Leadership Alignment and Employee Engagement.


What makes you different from all of those survey companies out there?

Well first off ... we aren't a survey company. Survey's are one of the tools that we use to capture information from key stakeholders. 


We will help you identify opportunities to differentiate your organization in the marketplace, as well as highlight specific areas in your business that require attention to prevent the loss of 'at-risk' customers.


Our core business is relationships. We don't just build questionnaires for our clients. Instead, we utilize our proprietary Electronic Research System (ERS) to provide the highest quality of information. It's faster and more cost effective than traditional means.


ERS bridges the gaps between research, customer relationship management, and marketing by supporting full and relevant two-way communications with all stakeholders groups.

Why choose us?

Our method and technology is not only proprietary, it is superior to the tools being offered by our direct competitors.


We are a value-driven, service-oriented organization, which means that we are focused on ensuring that each and every client gets a full return on investment as we deploy our technology uniquely for each and every application

Do you specialize in any industries?

Yes. We offer a full suite of Industry Solutions. For a listing, click here


Our specialty is in measuring relationships which is universal to all industry. In addition we have built several industry specific applications and specially designed programs as well. These solutions embrace the subtleties and nuaces of particular industries. 


Also, we bring some great learnings to business relationships among seeminly not-so-similar industries.


This is why we're specialists in helping companies to retain their most valuable assets, i.e. customers, employees, resellers, suppliers, alliance partners, etc.

Who is it for?

Our customer's love the integrated nature of our offerings. Progressive forward thinking organizations generally get involved quickly and see the benefits quickly. 


Leaders who want a comprehensive line of sight on their key relationships ... and one that is easily accessable.


HR people who are responsible for Employee Engagment and ensuring that employee activites are translating into customer value.


Sales, Marketing and Operations people who are reponsible for ensuring that the customer's are enjoying an expectional experience and that the organization is keeping up with their changing requirements.


In addition The Leader's Mind starts with the repuataion and brand and ensures that there is consistancy throughout the organization.


We have valueable solutions for just about any manager/executive that wants to make a difference.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy.



Take advantage of our FREE Reputation Assessment that will show you just how powerful the system is.



There is no cost or obigation to find out what is really happening. 

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