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Business Customer Partnership Stories of Success

From a leadership perspective Orkin wanted to measure just how aligned their employees priorites were with their customers. This was even more complex with the many stakeholders and office throughout the country.


theMindSuite system enabled everyone to understand where they were aligned with their customers and through the FeedFORWARD> system focus on the top priorities together from coast to coast.


Micrylium is a terrific organization with terrific products who had a complex distribution system with customers, channel partners, end users, employees, resellers, consumers, professional offices and so on.


They really needed to understand their repuation as they prepared for a significant growth period. They turned to theMindSuite repuation assessement and quickly learned were they were consistant and where they were different with all of their various stakeholders. Closeing these gaps eabled significant growth quickly and with full collaboration.

Teranet - Taking Customer Relationships From Great to Greater

While the majority of our customers use our core systems, we also welcome a challenge to create a unique solution to engage your stakeholders.


There are many exciting success stories of organizations utilizing theMindSuite technology in creative and unusual ways. We are sharing some of those with you below.


We welcome any challenge ... help us understand what you are facing and we will be happy to share our ideas on how theMindSuite can help you and your unique situation.

Teranet provided us a unique challenge ... how do you help an organization that already has a great relationship with its customers and make them ever greater? 


The secret to this challenge was in theMindSuite EGI (Expectation Gap Index). Teranet was already performing at a very high level so they found that a new strategy was to offer more value to their customers through knowledge and eduction. 

BASF - Optimizing Customer Care Throughout the Organization
Advanced Transportation - Quantifying The Value of GoodWill

It was hard to prove, but Advanaced Transportation had a simply amazing relationship with their customers which brought extra value to the organization and its potential buyer.


The challenge was proving it in a meaninful way ... in measurable terms. theMindSuite metrics did just that and the company value increased significanlty because they were able to clearly demonstrate the financial return that was achievable by the aquiring company.

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Grand & Toy - A Visionary Leadership Compass
Mycrillium - Leveraging a Strong Reputation
Tormont CAT - Engaging Employees Through Tough Economic Times

“Employee engagement has become a top priority for our organization to measure and to improve.  This year we switched to Reflections Consulting and TheMindsuite™ and have found their performance, responsiveness and support has exceeded our expectations.


For a very reasonable investment, they provided us with the ability to mine and analyze our data like never before, support positive change in the field, and understand not only the issues, but how to affect positive change as an ongoing initiative.”
Toromont CAT



Bayer - Integrating Customer Interactive Quality
How Hot is Hot? Helping Engineer The First Carbon Free City

Grand and Toy had just been purchased and the CEO needed a line of sight over the nature of the relationships throughout the organization as they worked through the aquistion.


The goal was to not only maintain the strong customer and employee relationships but to actually improve them. The CEO understood that this would have to be enabled from his leadership yet he need a tool to engage everyone in the process. The Leader's Mind was the perfect tool for that help to align leadership and then ensure alignement throughout the organization.

Orkin PCO Engaging the Employees in the Solution
Ontario Nurses Association - Giving Members A Voice

For 14 years now BASF has utlized theMindSuiteTM metrics in their whole approach to customer care and within most of their divisions. The metrics are used as an outside-in quality system and regularly cross referenced to internal measurements.


The ability to measure progress year over year easily is a great extra feature that makes keeping score on progress an easy and systematic task.

Bayer utlized theMindSuite technology to enable a much stronger interactive relationship with their diagnostic customers both directly and through caregivers.

The Engineers were planning the first Carbon Free City in Du Bai. The first step was to survey the people who lived in the area to find out how far they thought that they could walk between cooling stations during the extreme heat of the summer months.


The second step was to get out into the field and capture data on exactly how far people could walk between cooling stations through observation. 


theMindSuite technology was deployed on both ends of this project through online and in real time with wireless devices held by the observers in the field.


The result was that people thought that they could walk farther than they actually could. The problem would have been significant if this gap was not measured. 

Shady Maple Farms - Creating Demand With Research

Shady Maple Farms had a great Maple Syrup product that was really popular in many regions of Canada and the USA however California wasn't one of them.


So with a limited budget a plan was developed. Samples were sent out to a large number of people in the targeted areas of California. With the samples they received and invitaiton to go online and share their experienes.


The experiences were then organized and shared back with the respondents along with information on how they could coach their local grocery retailers to order the products for them. 


The participants in the research became the people who successfuly launched the product in their area.

The Ontario Nurses Association needed a tool to ensure that their members had a voice in how the association set priorities and that everyone had a clear understanding of the issues.


theMindSuite system was deployed by the association to ensure a great exchange of information.


What resulted was a clear mandate of the members and the association made some significant adjustments so ensure that they were offering the best service possible and engaging their members in the discussion.

We guarantee you an effective, creative, and engaging solution for your Business and it's Stakeholders

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