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TMS Products: Minding Your Gaps

Gap Index Products

The Expectation Gap Index clearly measures how aligned you are with your customer/consumer/citizen/patient expectations in ALL areas including … your core offering, your value add AND your innovation.

In addition,  the EGI also measures the gap between how your different stakeholders value things differently ....

Employee<>Customer --- Distributor<>Employee Leadership<>Customer --- Leadership<>Employee Leadership<>Customer .... and more.


In partnership with John King, NY Times #1 best selling author of 'Tribal Leadership', we have developed the revolutionary Culture Gap Index.


This special series of metrics actually quantifies culture, sets priorities and keeps score on your organization's way to exceptional performance through highly collaborative teams.


The index will guide you through attaining and maintaining Stage 4 and Stage 5 culture as detailed in King's culture map.


You can think of the Performance Gap Index as your Outside In quality system.


This special series of metrics actually quantifies the relationships that you have with your customers, helps you understand what they prioritize both overall and within an almost unlimted nubmer of segments. This information serves as the foundation to highly personalized and highly effective marketing.  

The index will help you understand how your activities are translating into customer value which in turn translates to greater performance. 


In our tranparent and fast paced world today, innovation is a key requirement, not only in products and services but also in how things are done.


Innovation can only be accomplished through collaboration and is often an evolution of ideas rather than a revolution started by an individual. In partnership with 'One Million Acts of Innovation' we have isolated those metrics that support innovation to create this index. 


The Reputation Gap Index clearly isolates those metrics that define your total brand or reputation.


Your Reputation Is Your Brand and is the single most important factor in sustainable sucess.

We gain feedback from all of your different stakeholders and help you understand the gap between what they want is important to them in your reputation to be and how it is currently perceived,

The Community Gap Index is focused on helping the citizens (or members) of a community understand just how aligned they really are and help pave the way to better collaboration on the greater good ... with focus!


It quantifies the 16 Elements of a Prosperous Community and clearly measures the many similarities and identifies the few differences.


This puts better focus on the discussion and leads the way to collaboration and understanding. 

diversity gap index2.jpg

The Diversity Gap Index is focused on helping organizations and communities truly understand diversity and inclusion as it relates to their particular situation.


One size does not fit all ... different places / functions / divisions / industry sectors (etc.) often have different and unique culture characteristics.


Where we are different is that in our algorithm we can fully understand the 'desired culture' in an almost unlimited number of segments including company, demographic (age, culture, gender, etc.) geography, function, sector, psychographic, tenure, generation etc.)

The Patient's mind system focuses on the complete health care experience for all stakeholders.


There are many stakeholders who are involved with the total expereince including doctors, nurses, administration, diagnostic, distribution and many many others.

We gain feedback from all of your different stakeholders and help you understand the gap between what they want is important to them in your reputation to be and how it is currently perceived and.... most importantly how to ensure that EVERYONE is aligned and working together towards a optimized patient experience.

Other Innovations

The FeedFORWARD> Process

The feedforward system starts with themindsuite automated knowledge centre.


Then we gain feedback from your customers channel partners, resellers etc.


Then we gather feedback from your employees and leaders. This information is then organized, prioritized and fed forward to employee and customer teams through our automated system to encourage them to share ideas on how to solve problems, create greater efficiency and find new and better ways of dong things.


And of course this information is fed back into the knowledge center as a part of a continuous and ongoing dialogue.

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