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Helping you Attain & Sustain High Engagement Through A Culture of Collaboration & Performance.

The Background: The Need to Enable Human Capital


“We learned that firms with strong cultures actually perform better financially, growing more over time”–

Prof. Jennifer Chatman, University of California, Berkley


Creating a culture of performance and collaboration is a core goal set by progressive thinking organizations today.


We partner with our clients to make that a sustainable reality… quickly and efficiently. One of the big challenges in culture development is its definition. It needs to be devoid of individual or leadership agendas, enabling a culture that encourages participation and input from everyone.



A foundation of good data is critical to support the evolution of a collaborative culture. It helps set priorities, monitor results and enable ongoing accomplishments. Our methodology gains data from every level in the organization and shares that data back showing respect for all ideas and transparency. This collaborative process encourages people to participate because it is their plan and not just another top down initiative by encouraging constructive discussion and non-judgmental open dialogue.

What It Does


The Culture Gap Index measures culture and identifies gaps in communications, performance, strategy, innovation and engagement. Best Practices within the organization are leveraged through a sophisticated reporting capability, which simplifies complex segmentation and comparison between and within all areas including geography, process, perception, discipline amongst many others. This non-debatable data is then leveraged for greater collaboration, focus and teamwork.


We have extensive experience bridging a company’s current metrics (engagement and other) into the Culture Gap Index so that historical data and customized requirements are retained. 


The Culture Gap Index is supported by the Culture Map as researched and designed by NY Times #1  Best Selling Author John King in his book ‘Tribal Leadership’. A book many attribute to starting the culture change revolution.


Are you passionate about Culture?

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