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Connecting Human Performance Analytics With Measurable Results!


Culture, performance, innovation, engagement, efficiency, humnaity are just ome of the most talked about concepts in business today. Every organization strives to create a strong performance through its people.


Unfortunately, most “culture or engagement experts” do not have the tools to effectively measure human performance as it is today in the organization AND how it evolves over time after specific interventions including but not limited to training, learning, coaching, collaboration, strategy implementation, alignment, recruiting, and onboarding.


At the core of The Human Performance GPS is the revolutionary Expectation Gap Process which, after 23 years of extensive usage, has proven to be the best way of measuring what was thought to be the immeasurable!


We are looking for partners who want to enable organizations to drive success through helping them gain and maintain highly collaborative human performance systems. We are inviting you to be an early adopter of an already proven system. 


Our tools are proven to support many types of services as they generate non-debatable data, identify issues and help to track progress.


There is no more 'civilizing' factort than good data!


Our services partners (whether they are a consultant or a services firm), have proven time and time again that they have moved from a services provider to a trusted advisor and human performance expert with their clients due to the fact that they produce actionable measurements.


Project Stage 5 is all about finding like minded people who believe in the power of collaboration to achieve extraordinary results.


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