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The Global Humanizing Communities Research Initiative

An Emerging Opportunity for Collaborative Public Sector Leadership

"Feedback is a gift. Ideas are the currency of our next success. Let people see you value both feedback and ideas."

Jim Trinka and Les Wallace

Please Join Us In This Transformational Research

So Why Humanizing Politics?

In politics things are changing and things are changing fast.


People are looking for alternatives.


The outdated power based systems, while still holding onto power in many cases, are quickly becoming outdated.


HumanizingPoliticsTM is designed to enable the new forward thinking, and collaborative leader who understands that real power is in helping the great people of the country work together towards a unified vision.


And that vision should be ‘their’ vision.


The greatest leaders understand their situation, create a great environment and then get out of the way to allow things to happen.


In addition, it is very difficult to navigate through all of the perceived differences as too many groups continue to take a ‘I’m right your wrong’ approach causing significant division where there really are many areas of commonality. 


Where we live has to have some balance. We need a clean environment and we need jobs. We need to celebrate our history and we need to change with the times.


Until now, there has been a significant amount of guesswork as to what that A foundation of good data is critical to support the evolution of a collaborative culture. It helps set priorities, monitor results and enable ongoing accomplishments.


Our methodology gains balanced priorities from everyone and shares those learning’s back showing respect for all ideas and transparency.


This collaborative process encourages people to participate because it is their plan and not just another top down initiative by encouraging constructive discussion and non-judgmental open dialogue around new and better ways.




... How do we measure the human factor in a way that is meaningful, humane, easy to understand, supported, and focused on greater societal performance?

Treating each other with humanity IS our future and Humanizing Politics will help enable a truly collaborative and productive society.


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Outside of currently recognized measurement areas like culture and engagement,  this initiative also includes unique elements such as innovation, strategy and our Foundational and Ground Breaking work with the Humanity Gap Index in partnership with some truly inspirational thought leaders.


The Worlds first Humanity Gap Index is designed to help organizations' and communities understand how their people impact performance


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