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What is ProjectStage5?


The BIG idea behind ProjectStage5 is to enable all people, groups organizations, communities and cities to achieve and maintain Stage5 collaboration by providing them with the tools to truly understand all the great values, goals and objectives that they have in common and clarify those few times when they differ.



In 2011 John King co-wrote a ground breaking book called ‘Tribal Leadership’ that changed a lot of things forever. In that book he explored the different stages that tribes (aka work groups) go through on their evolution towards Stage 4 and eventually Stage 5 and the exceptional outcomes that occur when these levels of teamwork are achieved. (Read John's Full Profile)



Once accomplished, they will be exposed to Stage5 opportunities. It is not about being right and wrong .... it is about better understanding each other and working together towards Stage5. 





In 1986, Wayne Clancy founded Future Strategies Inc. and designed the Expectation Gap Index which measures that gap between what is wanted (or what is possible) and what is … and for 28 years has been applying that learning to companies and communities all over the world. (Read Wayne's Full Profile)


A revolutionary project has risen from the blending of these tools and is in BETA …. being prepared for mass application and we are looking for partners in the initiative.


No Sure Yet? Just want some more information?

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Future Strategies Inc. and theMindSuiteTM, are pleased to be the lead partner in this new initiative.


We are inviting you to be a part of the Design Team that creates a new world of collaboration. We are currently in BETA and looking for forward thinking BETA partners who are individuals, organizations, cities or communities who believe that true collaboration produces amazing results for everyone!


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