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Workplace Culture & Strategy CheckUP


In partnership with John King (author of Tribal Leadership – NYT #1 best seller) and, the creator of world’s first human science GPS, Collabogence, supplier of data-based tools for measuring people and space collaborative performance, we are launching a research initiative, to share insights which will allow organizations to take immediate actions to improve their collective performance and increase employee satisfaction and engagement. 


The results will be published, and participants will be invited to a webinar hosted by John King, before the summer of 2023 during which the results will be presented.


Your organization is likely wrestling with how much, of what kind of space you need going forward, how your workplace strategy should be defined, and what impact each of these elements has on your organizational culture. The research will correlate different workplace ‘personas’, workplace models and commutes, with elements such as culture, strategy, well-being and character and humanity as well as providing insights into how to make hybrid work and increase the collaborative value of your offices.


This is an invitation for you and your organization/team/clients/associates to collaborate with each other, us and many others in the sharing of ideas, insights and best practices all to learn with and from each other.


If you are interested in having a larger group of employees, within your organization complete the assessment, let us know and you will receive a unique link and be able to see a report on your people along with how they compare with the greater dataset.


For organization groups there are a series of different options. To learn more about these, contact: or


This research project is secure and fully transparent.  All the data collected will be rolled up into master reports and be anonymous.  

Please take 8-10 minutes to go through this assessment, and share your thoughts, ideas and challenges freely.  


Please feel free to share this link with anybody in your network or organization.

Together, we will find out what is really possible.

Due to the assessment configuration, we highly recommend completing it on a tablet, laptop or desktop!

Click Here to Participate



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