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Working Together To Create Positive and Lasting Change Through People!   


We are inviting you to be a part of THE Design Team to help enable sustainable high performance through collaboration.... everywhere.

Your experiences, ideas and opinions matter, and even more so with the challenges that we face and the opportunities that are ahead of us all.... 


This global initiative will help us all better understand how collaboration impacts the performance and sustainability of our organizations AND our communities. 


We will explore the interrelationship of many themes including diversity, inclusion, culture, engagement, humanity, innovation, strategy, wellness, resilience, social responsibility and sustainability.


You can be assured that all responses are fully confidential and your specific answers remain anonymous.

In return, and in total transparency, we will provide you early and continuous access to the data in this ongoing and important initiative. 


We have many partnerships that contribute to the strength of this data, including Arizona State University Project Humanities, John King (NY Times Best Selling Author of Tribal Leadership), One Million Acts of Innovation and more!


Together, we will accomplish great things!


Yours in partnerhip,


Future Strategies Inc. --- YMCA --- and Partners

“Yes, I Want To Participate And Design Our Future Together

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