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“Learn about wellness and your readiness to move to the next level of success".     


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We are pleased that this Wellness CheckUp is a component of the larger Human GPS Project in association with Mindsuites Metrics and Arizona State University Project Humanities. The Human GPS measures specific facets of human performance and culture,  and customizes interventions for businesses and civic organizations to achieve great things through the enablement of people.


This wellbeing questionnaire leverages years of coaching and change research. Results of this questionnaire will illuminate your state of resilience and personal strengths at this time. The scores can also highlight specific areas of resilience development that would benefit from your attention.

Sharing your results with a coach will assist the two of you in tailoring a more effective, smarter, and personalized coaching plan to match your needs and strengths. This could accelerate movement toward your coaching objectives.


You can be assured that all responses are confidential. If your participation is sponsored by a third party, we will aggregate your data with others so that  your specific answers will remain anonymous.

Please take a few minutes go through the assessment. We are certain that it will be time well spent. 

Together with your participation, we accomplish great things!

Manon Dulude Ph.D., PCC

Jeanne Erikson Ph.D., PCC

Wayne Clancy



“Yes, I Want To Participate And Design Our Future Together

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