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The CustomerExperienceGPS is your Outside In Quality System!


The CustomerExperienceGPSTM provides your organization with solid, ongoing and constantly evolving information on how to optimize the customer experience recognizing the unique characteristics of your customers overall and any specific segment within ...


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What is the Customer Experience GPS?


The Customer Experience GPS is an intuitive 'cloud based' instrument that enables organizations to align and optimize their whole organization to ensure that all customers constatnly recieve the best and most relevant quality.


It simplifies the often complex customer environment and provides non-debatable analytics to leverage areas of high performance and clearly identify problematic areas, potential areas of resource overallocation, areas of employee misalignment and areas of low benefit understanding. 

This data provides greater focus, enables faster response and effective diagnosis, leverages current strengths and helps build brand and customer loyalty.

Why Does It Work So Well?



‘There is no greater civilizing force than good data!’


Unlike current engagement studies, which are akin to a road atlas and occur infrequently, our instrument engages multiple stakeholders and functions like a GPS to provide you with real time, ongoing, accessible and evolving measurements.





It enables the same level of visibility about people performance that you have with your operating and financial systems.


Diagnose WHAT is working, WHAT is in need of improvement, WHERE there is misalignment, WHY it is occurring and HOW to continuously improve.



This enables predictive analytics to understand HOW to continuously improve and harmonize human performance.


Essentially you move from “I Think” to “We Always Know”.

What is the Simplified and Effective Ongoing Process?


The process usually starts with a priorities diagnostic which identifies priorities overall within the organization or community (i.e. competency, efficiency, innovation, trust etc.), misalignment between different groups (i.e. Leadership, management and team) and priorities within specific segments (i.e. division, department, location, position etc.)














Once completed, you are empowered to take the approriate action in the right place and we initiate a deeper analysis specific to where it is needed.


Your team shares thoughts and ideas on the specific priorities that they identified.


This creates the ability to align and focus the activities using your data as the core measurement.


Then cross-reference your “Human Analytics with your financial and operating Analytics.






How Is It Used?


Enable Leadership to create a Performance Culture for sustainable high Engagement by significantly enhancing current engagement and/or culture assessments leading to action.


Innovation: Enable your team to support everyday and critical innovation.


Reputation/Branding: Leverage Human Data to reinvent / enhance current brand identification.


Talent: Attraction & retention tool to ‘culture match’ teams and leverage team strengths.


Recruit / Interview / Hire: There is a lot you can learn about others when you ask.


Plus many more….

Gain the Advantage of Early Access to Global Analytics?






We are the lead partner in the Global HumanizingPerformanceTM Research Initiative with Arizona State University Project Humanities.


This initiative will gather data on how the adoption of greater humanity in organizational and community environments will improve performance in all areas including quality of life, business performance and community sustainability.


The human analytics data in all areas is cross-referenced through our Human GPS process to easily understand the impact of the interrelationships on performance.

Why Should I Consider This Instrument?


Quick, flexible and simple setup

Immediate access to real time and ongoing data

Powerful reporting capability providing actionable outcomes.

Secure, anonymous, cloud based solution

Proprietary EGI (Expectation Gap Index) identifies both priorities and performance


How Do I Get Started?


We are offering qualifying organizations a No Cost / No Obligation Unlimited Organization Wide Assessment.


You will receive a one page summary report and also see how your organization / department / function identifies priorities, and where they are aligned or misaligned on your own private dashboard


Test the system by particpating in a performance leadership study. Click Here


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