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Working Better Together 

Welcome to ValueCheck™ We’ve designed ValueCheck™ to help you identify issues that might be preventing your business from being as successful as it can be. ** A business is rewarded for the value it delivers.


** ValueCheck™ is based on our experience advising over 200 for-profit, not-for-profit, and public sector clients on business strategy. Successful businesses deliver on a value proposition that resonates with customers.


Value is in the eye of the beholder and is constantly changing. Over time, some businesses lose sight of what really matters to customers, with the result that resources are misdirected and performance suffers.


It will take you less than 10 minutes to score the Checkup’s 30 statements. Upon completion, you will receive your ValueCheck™ Report Card.


This will provide insights that can help salvage disenchanted customers, improve employee satisfaction and help your business attract new customers.


Please don’t skip any statements.


If you are unsure about a statement, simply check “Not Sure.” We hope you find real value in ValueCheck™.


Bob McCulloch & Chris Ward Co-founders and Principals Strategic Retreats Inc. +1 (844) 445-2888















What’s a Value Proposition? A Value Proposition helps explain why people choose to do business with a particular company, and buy its products or services.


It addresses the question that's uppermost in every buyer’s/customer’s mind, “What’s in it for me?” and “How do I benefit if I do business with your?”


A Value Proposition helps potential customers decide whether a company and the benefits attributed to its products are what they are looking for, and what they will gain from doing business with you. It’s also a point of reference that existing customers can use to evaluate their decision to do business with you.


A Value Proposition must be the real deal – something employees understand, buy into and are able to deliver. A business cannot promise something that can only be delivered ‘sometimes,’ or might be delivered ‘in the future.’


Once the promise has been made, it must be delivered consistently, on demand. Otherwise, customers won’t recommend you… some will opt to do business elsewhere... and others will be sure to tell anyone who will listen about their unfortunate experience.


Note: We have used the term “products” to cover both physical products (for example, copiers, cars, and meat pies) and services (accounting, consulting, advertising, and so forth).

“Yes, I Want To Participate And Design Our Future Together

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