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Working Better Together 

At its April 2017 meeting, City Council adopted a report with recommendations for the steps needed to change the conversation about homelessness in Toronto.


Through that process it became clear that, in order to change the conversation about homelessness, we also need to change the model for homeless services so that it works better both for people experiencing homelessness and for the communities where these services are located.


Council directed staff to consider a new name for shelters. A name can be a powerful signal of the transformative changes being proposed through the new service model.


The intent of the public survey is to gather input on:

•    what people think about the importance of the term "shelter", and

•    what people think about changing the name, in an attempt to convey the positive changes we are trying to make with the new service model.


The new model of service is grounded in a Housing First approach, focusing on supporting clients to move to permanent housing as quickly as possible with the supports to maintain it. The new model of service has more of a positive outcome focus on housing. The core components of the service model will be consistent, while different programs may tailor services and supports to meet the needs of specific client groups.


Please take a few minutes and share your thoughts about changing the name of shelters. The whole survey should only take 7 to 11 minutes to complete.


“Yes, I Want To Participate And Design Our Future Together

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