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The Citizen's Mind is designed to help foster a new era of citizen engagment. It will help organizations and governments to fully understand the thoughts and ideas fo the citizens as well as help the citizens better understand each other and the issues facing everyone in thier cities towns and communitities.

The Leaders mind helps you to ensure that your leadership and that of your team is aligned and consistent with the needs of the citizens. This leads to greater focus, higher productivity & a more alignment between community, government, special interest and business.

The Employee's Mind helps you to fully understand your team … their engagement, their resiliency, their loyalty and encourages them to collaborate in fixing problems, finding greater efficiency and discovering new and innovative ways of servicing the members and citizens.

Voice of Business helps the business community to lead greater employee engagment, citizen support and better relationships with and between all of the key stakholders. This creates a more prosperous environment through greater understanding and collaboration.

theMindSuite ... Feeback Management Re-Invented

Voice of the Citizen in conjunction with The Voice of Business uses touch point measurements through the Expectation Gap Index (EGI), to clearly identifies the similarities and the gaps between the various stakeholders.
AND supports 1:1 Point of Contact feedback that address each citizen or employee’s personal experience and satisfaction/engagement drivers.
AND shares this information through FeedFORWARD> to engage citizens and team members in improvement, efficiency and innovation initiatives.
AND makes all your data accessible through a robust online reporting system to facilitate easy understanding & access.
AND reporting enables unlimited opportunities for segmentation and comparison.
AND identify GAPS between how team member's perceptions differ from those of other groups and the citizens.

Greater understanding creates greater environments.


Greater environments support greater engagement & enthusiasm.


Greater enthusiasm supports greater prosperity & success.


We believe that all types of organizations,  should have the tools to provide an engaging and collaborative environment for its customers, citizens, employees and partners regardless of financial resources!


theMindSuiteTM technology supports a Cycle of Engagement that helps everyone to better understand each other, get excited, collaborate, share ideas, and take meaningful action together …. over and over again!


Your reputation and your organizational success depends upon it.

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