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We have had the wonderful opportunity to apply our technology to some very interesting challenges. More often than not, these challenges were also deeply rewarding in providing a result that improved things for a lot of people ... which is something that we just love to do.


​Please let us know about your challenge. If it involves finding a better way to create a deeper understanding or a way to generate more spirited collaboration, we can help.


Below are a few interesting examples.


What do you want to accomplish.


It IS worth the discussion.

School boards are looking for a highly efficient, cost-effective communications tools that could be used for both data collection and information dissemination with their key stakeholder groups; students, teachers and parents. The goal is to improve communication and understanding and ultimately student success.


This specialized system enables the school board to communicate on a personalized basis with the masses in a very cost-effective manner. The system collects data from students, teachers and parents (we are fully bilingual) to creating success profiles for individuals. Each profile is then associated to a theme, profiled and then returned to the respondent with recommendations to drive behavior changes.


Ultimately this helps the school board to better understand the often complex relationships that exist between student profiles, teaching practices and parental support profiles, and other demographic and psychographic data. The solution provides unlimited online reporting of all data that could be used in presenting their findings to the Government and other key stakeholders. 


Additionally, the online reporting provides results that could be used for publication in review journals. The ultimate goal is to reduce dropout rates and ultimately other by products such as youth crime.

Our specialized Trade Show and event program involves gaining feedback from participants at critical junctures throughout the whole process. The Pre-Show component involves clearly understanding the attendee’s goals and objectives going into the show.


What are they looking for and what type of experience do they desire? This feedback helps show management to assist the vendors in their strategy and service / product offering mix. In addition the trade show management group can alert attendees to visit the appropriate booths depending upon their objectives.


Smart phones can be used during the show to gain feedback on the actual performance and even have awards for best booths as voted by the attendees. In addition the real time information can allow for adjustments to be made during the show to maximize the impact. The Post-Show component facilitates feedback on how the show performed against the attendees’ expectations.


This cross reference to the Pre-Show component allows for a clear understanding on how well expectations were met and how these expectations changed once they were at the show. In addition, the post-show program asks for great experiences documentation and ideas that they would like to see in next year’s show. Periodic communications can occur during the year to attendees to monitor any changes and manage expectations coming into the next show.

A specialized system that gives the association and/or government body and/or educational institution (i.e. University or College) the ability to use a competency scale to evaluate both expected competencies (needs analysis) and demonstrated competencies and then understand any gaps that exist.


This allows the particular organization to manage expectations and ensure that the competencies demonstrated by graduates are current and relevant.

Progressive organizations in healthcare, recognize that with innovation comes the requirement to get to market quickly and efficiently with strong evidence to gain market support. In addition, they seek to create even greater value in its relationships with channel partners (i.e. doctors, surgeons, optometrists, therapists, nurses, other practitioners, patients etc.).


TheMindSuite “Health Care Registry” system captures data from both all relevant stakeholders to fully understand their experiences and successes with the products and/or services and then to leverage the information into the future. This “registry” system creates the opportunity to add value and further differentiate their products and services.

We create a online data system that can be company branded or generically branded.


The system easily automates current processes, and facilitates the blending of pre and post patient information with defined milestones for feedback (Pre-op or Pre-service, 6 week, 6 month, 1 year and longer if desired). This data system would allow for the consolidation of multiple points of data entry for patient profiling and support tracking of individual patient data as a part of segmented groups. The system would be designed to accommodate unlimited scaling to other products / applications.

Competency Evalution for College, University, Training Graduateses
Health Care Registry

Specialty Applications

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