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An Invitation... to help enable a Culture of Performance throughout Oklahoma!

Greetings NSU Leadership Alumni, or Greetings Oklahoma Business Leader

We are inviting you to be a part of THE Design Team to help us further enable a 'Culture of Performance' within the Oklahoma Business Community.

Your opinion and ideas matter, and even more so with the opportunities that are ahead of us as the world of work evolves and innovation in all its forms is critical to ongoing success.


We are enabling technology to help us optimize the impact that we can have on our company and on our city


We have partnered with MindSuiteMetrics (an independant reseach company) to help us both answer and optimize two key questions...


1. How do we fully enable leadership within the Oaklahoma Leadership community?


2. How we continually engage a broader audience?


We have a mutli step process in place and we are starting with our leadership alumni (or business community) and enabling the key leadership abilities in all of us.


Please take a few minutes go through the instrument and share your thoughts and ideas about our challenges. 


You can be assured that all responses are fully confidential. The independant research company Future Strategies Inc. will aggregate your data with others so that your specific answers remain anonymous.

In return, we will share results as they occur and also provide you early access to all of the data in this ongoing and groundbreaking initiative.


Together, we will accomplish great things!


SNU and Local / Regional Chambers of Commerce / BOT / Corporate Sponsors




“Yes, I Want To Participate And Get The Insights

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