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An Invitation... to Help Lead Healthy Sustainable Learning Environments.

An Alignment 'CheckUP' For Education Staff!

We are inviting you to be part of The Design Team to help co-create a future full of possibilities for our educational environment.

Your opinion and ideas matter, and even more so with the opportunities that are ahead of us as the world of work evolves and innovation and sustainability in all its forms is critical to our ongoing success.


Please go through the instrument and share your thoughts and ideas openly and freely! It should take you between 8 and 12 minutes to complete.


MindSuiteMetrics AND ASU will aggregate your data with others so that your specific answers remain anonymous.  The research will be interpreted and shared with all participants to make fact based decisions. 

Please enter in the code supplied to you by your organization and then use an email address as your password.


Due to the question configuration we highly recommend completing it on a tablet or a desktop

Together, we can co-create a future full of possibilities for the Educational system!



Due to the configuration of the assessment we recommend using a desktop or tablet.

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