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On behalf of Old Republic Title Agency, Mindsuite Metrics, Tribal Leadership and ASU Project Humanities, we would like to engage you in a process that can raise the level of professionalism in our industry, help the leaders in our industry hear and understand what YOU want and need in the company you choose to work for and ultimately leave a legacy for the generations that follow us.


We have the distinct privilege to work in an industry that delivers the American Dream of Home Ownership. With that comes a responsibility to serve at a high level, reduce the stress of the home buying/selling process.


We also have the flexibility to choose to work for whomever we choose. However, we watch as people move from one company to another in search for the "perfect" company.


This study is your opportunity to express exactly what the "ideal" company would be for YOU.

Wayne Clancy and John King (NY Times bestselling author of Tribal Leadership) will share the results at the 7th Annual "O" Event on October 18, 2016.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey.


If you are interested in learning from this author and other top speakers, register to attend at


Thank you for making a contribution to the future of the Real Estate Leadership Culture!

Together, we will accomplish great things and leave a legacy for those that follow in our foot steps!




Michelle Schwartz                               Kristi Smith

Be part of The Great Real Estate Leadership Culture Study

"Be part of the great Real Estate Leadership Culture Study"



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