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Enabling Emerging, Innovative & Collaborative Communities

For many years, we have been assessing and understanding collaborative corporate cultures which when optimized provide great results. We studied things such as teamwork, collaboration, leadership, resources, management, people practices, performance management, and recognition amongst others. We then learned that we needed to look at additional metrics such as wellness (mental and physical), humanity (through a partnership with ASU Project Humanities) and resilience (capacity for further engagement).

We are also involved in many community outreach programs including this one with the City of Toronto.



This complete model gave us a clear view of organizational human dynamics.

We used our proprietary Gap Index technology to understand how people valued things and their view on how well it was working. This gap gave us two ways of working with the analytics… increase importance through education and increase performance through understanding and alignment.


We also found that engagement within organizations was part organizational environment and part community environment yet few organizations look at that factor in their communities. 


We then modeled out the learnings and applied them to communities and supplemented those with the key dimensions of an exceptional community which included elements such as beauty, education, culture, youth, healthcare, and many others. We have run the system in areas such as Scottsdale Arizona, and Toronto Canada and have designed the core HumanizingPossibilities System with two initial programs; and


Some of the initial Scottsdale results can be viewed here a core part of the model being deployed at that time. There are many other constructs that are a part of the complete model. The community program as it relates to the business owners and community collaboration starts at around the 55-minute mark:


Click Here to Watch Presentation in Scottsdale


Please register here if you are interested in learning more about what is possible in your city or neighbourhood.



The Background: An Emerging Opportunity for Collaborative Communities


There is a new and emerging opportunity to better engage citizens in their own communities and share the responsibility for quality of life, better decision making, prosperity, business success and greater collaboration and understanding.


There are metrics on city and community sustainability based upon infrastructure and services. Often though, no one really knows why certain things are happening or what aspects of community culture impact decisions and affect sustainability, quality of life and organizational performance.




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