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The Global Humanizing Communities Research Initiative

Please Join Us In This Transformational Research

So Why Humanizing Communities?




We have learned that exceptional performance almost always comes as a result of the humans involved rather than as a result of a plan, a strategy, a technology or a patent.



We also have learned that the human element is complex and a constantly moving target with many elements in many combinations in many environments getting different results. 





... How do we measure the human factor in a way that is meaningful, humane, easy to understand, supported, and focused on greater performance?

So The Question Is..


Treating each other with humanity IS our future and Humanizing Communities does produce exceptional and sustainable communities. 


With your help... we will  create a case for 'Humanity!

Our mission is to engage a massive number of people from all different types of environments and all different types of locations in a research initiative that will Humanize Performance.


This is not a traditional research study because it will be ongoing and transparent. We will share results, share success stories and crowd source ideas. Ultimately we will enable people to work with us and each other in redefining performance as it relates to human capital.

“Yes, I Want To Participate And Get The Insights

Ultimately we WILL create THE business case for Humanity!!





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Outside of currently recognized measurement areas like culture and engagement,  this initiative also includes unique elements such as innovation, strategy and our Foundational and Ground Breaking work with the Humanity Gap Index in partnership with some truly inspirational thought leaders including.....


  1. Arizona State University Project Humanities 

  2. John King, NY Times Best Selling Author of Tribal Leadership

  3. QuestionPro

  4. The Global Not For Profit 'One Million Acts of Innovation.... and

  5. Many others. 


The Worlds first Humanity Gap Index is designed to help organizations' and communities understand how their people impact performance


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