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Homelife is pleased to Sponsor the Humanizing Communities Initiative

Hello Fellow Citizen, 
We are pleased to be an official sponsor of the Humanizing Communities initiative. This is a very special research initiative jointly run by Arizona State University Project Humanities and Mind Suite Metrics.


Mind Suite Metrics has been measuring organizational and community culture since its inception over 30 years ago. This initiative is designed to gather information on communities, how they work together and how they colaborate to both gain and sustain a high quality of life. 


We are inviting you to be a part of the design team that helps to create your communities future. By participating in the initiative you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas on how your community is working well and help identify things that you would like to see done differently.


In return there is full transparency and you will be able to see the results and compare your community to others.

You can be assured that all responses to the survey are confidential as Mind Suite Metrics is an independant research organization that has been protecing people's privacy for over 30 years.  

You may be thinking to yourself so just what is in this for Homelife?.


Well the simple answer is that we want to give back and support the communities that we serve and once we heard about this wonderful initiative, we knew that we wanted to get involved.

Please take a few minutes go through the assessment. We are certain that it will be time well spent.


Together, we will accomplish great things!


“Yes, I Want To Participate And Help My Community Get Even Better

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