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You have an amazing stakeholder community with the DESIRE to help and the CREDIBILITY to contribute.


Today’s feedback management tools offer a dramatic improvement over what we had just a few years ago which is why most organizations are spending a lot of money and resources using everything from simple survey tools to a full Feedback Management System.


However in almost all cases, the information is being gathered and analyzed in silo’s, without understanding the expectation gaps …


This is especiallly true in the healthcare sector sector were there is so much disconnected information, rising costs and frustration. theMindSuite Health and Healthcare Feedback Management System enables better communication and understanding while supporting problem solving, efficiency enhancement and innovation.

For Health & Healthcare

The Patient's Mind helps you to fully understand the full patient journey and leverage technology to help them along their journey in ways that you have never thought possible .... helping to pinpoint priorities with uncanny accuracy.

The Leadership Compass helps you to ensure that your leadership and that of your team is aligned and consistent in the application of your strategies, tactics and services.Leading to great organizational focus, higher productivity & happier customers.

The Employee's Mind helps you to fully understand your team … their engagement, their resiliency, their loyalty and it encourages them to collaborate in fixing problems, finding greater efficiency and discovering new and innovative ways of efficiently servicing the patients

theMindSuite ... Feedback Management Re-Invented

Voice of the Patient and Voice of the Team uses touch point measurements through the Expectation Gap Index (EGI), which clearly identifies the gaps between expectation and performance.
AND supports 1:1 Point of Contact feedback that address each patient or employee’s personal experience and satisfaction/engagement drivers.
AND shares this information through FeedFORWARD> to engage patietnts and team members in improvement, efficiency and innovation initiatives.
AND makes all your data accessible through a robust online reporting system to facilitate easy understanding & access.
AND reporting enables unlimited opportunities for segmentation and comparison.
AND identify GAPS between how your team's perceptions differ from those of the patients.
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