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Working together to create a Powerful Leadership Experience at the City of Buffalo 

Hello Business Leader,


We are inviting you to be part of THE Design Team that will create an innovative and sustainable leadership experience through collaboration at the City of Buffalo.


Your experiences, ideas and opinions matter – In fact they are the foundation by which we  will overcome the challenges we face to delivering excellence for our employees and each other every day.


This new initiative will focus on how we work as a team in each department with a common goal; to continuously improve how we treat each other, and then how we treat each and every student throughout their learning journey.


We will explore the interrelationship of performance priorities including Engagement and Culture, Performance, Employee and Student Experience, Teamwork, Resilience Humanity and Strategy.


You can be assured that all responses are fully confidential and your specific answers will remain anonymous.  In return, and in total transparency we will share the results as they occur and work together to identify how to improve together.


And together, we will accomplish great things!


Yours in partnership,

Dr. Luis Tavares Chief Information Officer

City of Buffalo



Due to the configuration of the assessment we recommend using a desktop or tablet.

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