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Channel Partners
City Champions

We believe in working together.

In fact, getting great results is fun and usually occurs through collaboration.


There are a number of partnership opportunities available. If you have another idea please let us know. We welcome the discussion.


We play well with others!

Channel partners are involved in developing new products that utilize our Electronic Research System and can share in the revenue generated by the product. New products tend to take one of two forms:


Distributors / Resellers

Licensed Distributors resell FSI solutions either directly to the client as a lead product or as a part of a business suite that may include other products and services.



Let's talk about a partnership.

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City Champions work with us in a particular city or region and become our representative for that area which includes theMindSuite products and services, and our City Possibilities systems as they relate to Chambers, Boards of Trade, Associations and other partners. We work very closely with our partners to enable quick results with a strong market entry strategy.


Think of it as a very low cost of entry franchise where you have full access to that city and / or region and work with all of our other partners in your area!


Whether you are a small independent or a larger firm, we have opportunities available around the world.


In addition to creating a high profile, our partners generate revenue in many ways:

  1. Become the key contact with the Chambers, BOT and Associations.

  2. Creates more opportunities to sell their services by identifying where performanceimprovements are required and where the organization is performing well.

  3. Expedites the project identification and approval process for our partners by supplying direct customer support with customer-centric feedback data.

  4. Generates a main or supplementary and predictable revenue stream for our Licensed Distributors.

  5. Helps our partners to service their clients on an ongoing basis by providing an ongoing monitoring process for improvement.

Chambers of Commerce, Boards of Trade & Associations

City PossibilitiesTM is partnering with Chambers of Commerce, Boards of Trade and other Associations to empower the business community to lead a new and engaging approach to city collaboration.



AT City Possibilities...
We Welcome Partnerships

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