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An Invitation... to FULLY understand the nature and impact of NAFTA!

Greetings Fellow Chamber Leader,

We are inviting you to be a part of THE Design Team to fully understand the impact of trade between Canada and the US on our members.


There is currently much talk of the NAFTA agreement and many opinions. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be enough good data on the subject.

Your opinion and that of your members matters.... and even more so with the opportunities that are ahead of us as the world of work evolves and innovation in all its forms is critical to ongoing success.


Together, we can ensure that we have good data to support constructive and meaningful conversations.

Please take a few minutes go through the instrument and share your thoughts and ideas about NAFTA and the impact that it has on your members. 


Then share this secondary link with your members so that they too can share their thoughts and ideas on the subject.


You can be assured that all responses are fully confidential. The independent research company MindSuiteMetrics will aggregate your data with others so we can develop a complete picture.


In addition we will share back the results with you so you can be a part of the design team to ensure a great and informed future for your members.


Together, we will accomplish great things!

Greg Durocher

CEO & President

Cambridge Chamber of Commerce



“Yes, I Want To Participate And Get The Insights

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