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Creating Our Future Together


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We are inviting you to help co-create a Future Cambridge that is Full of POSSIBILITIES!


What kind of future do you envision for your business, family and community? What are your ideas on how we can all move forward together? What is possible for us to achieve together?


As a thought leader, we are inviting you to share your thoughts and ideas about Your Business and the City of Cambridge ... ultimately to co-create a possibilities future together ....


Get early access the results here.


... and courtesy of the Cambridge Chamber, you can apply for a Complimentary and Unlimited Performance CheckUP for your organization or community!

What is it?


Cambridge Possibilities is a co creation portal created for people just like you.


People who are progessive, focused and working towards a great future!


In this ongoing research work, there are no hidden agendas and it is competely non partizan. There are no right or wrong answers. It's simply a way to tap into how we think and feel about our businesses and our ideal future... together!



What we will do with your input?


The consolidated results will be shared back with everyone involved, including your fellow Business Leaders, the Chamber, Economic Development and all levels of Government Leaders (Federal, Provincial and Municipal).


What about my privacy?


Your personal information will be held in the strictist of confidence and not shared or sold for any reason.


First select which topic(s) you would like to answer. It can be just one or both of them!


They are both short and only take a few minutes to complete


Then provide your email below so that we can send you the results!


If you are intrigued and would like to learn what your team thinks... please complete the application for a Complimentary CheckUP below.

Topic 1: Business Challenges & Priorities


Our business community is vibrant, engaged and a very very important part of our future.


As a business leader you are faced with challenges every day! In this section, please anonymously share your challenges and we will roll up your data with those of your peers and other businesses in the region and then share it back with you.


Make sure that you also register below to ensure that we have your contact information to share the results with you.

Topic 2: Cambridge City Priorities


For leaders like yourselves, to accomplish all that you can, an effective City/Community enviroinment is also critical.


Please take a few minutes and share your thoughts and ideas on what should be our priorities as a city and region. What is working and what needs to be improved.


This includes topics such as education, transportation, healthcare, opportunities, social responsibility, sustainability, asthetics, and many more.

Get Early Access to the results and apply for a Complimentary & Unlimited CheckUP for your organization or team.


Fill in the form below to get early access to the information gathered from you and the rest of the Scottsdale business on business challenges and city priorities.


In addition, The Cambridge Chamber, MindSuiteMetrics Human Science GPS and ... are offering a limited number of participants a Full, Complimentary and Unlimited Possibilities CheckUP specifically for their organization, team, association or community.


Imagine being able to isolate your organization's priorities as viewed by your key stakeholders!


Also a number of participants will also receive a complimentary 2 hour training session with NY Times #1 Best Selling Author of Tribal Leadership.... John King.


Please apply below and we will share the results with you and supply you with the details of a complimentary CheckUP.


Your details were sent successfully!

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