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Products For Business - Minding Your Gaps

TheMindSuite tools help you to understand your gaps in all key relationships including those with and between your customers, employees, leaders, suppliers and partners.


Based on our proprietary Expectation Gap Index and structured to be an ongoing operating tool ... our indexes will help you to attain and maintain a focused, collaborative, innovative and highly successful organization.

Expectation Gap Index

The Customer's Mind helps you to fully understand your customer relationships in ways that you have never thought possible (or affordable) with our revolutionary 'Expectation Gap Index' (EGI).


The EGI is your 'Outside-In" Quality System and helps you to to pinpoint priorities and align performance with uncanny accuracy for ongoing performance as it shows you what activities generate customer value.

Culture Gap Index

The Leaders's Mind is your leadership compass and helps you to ensure that your leadership and that of your team is aligned and consistent in the application of your strategies, tactics and services as you encourage leadership behavior throughout.


Integrating John King's Culture Map, The Culture Gap Index facilitates a method to gain and sustain a high performance culture.

Engagement Gap Index

The Employee's Mind helps you to fully understand and coach your team ... from a number of perspectives including culture, engagement, capacity for engagment and whether your humanity factor will facilitate sustainable performance.


In addition. the feedforward process taps into the vast knowledge and encourages higher engagment in the areas of greatest impact.

Science and Art - Measure - Monitor - Communicate
In addtion to the ongoing GAP metrics, theMindsuite products ...
SUPPORT 1:1 Point of Contact feedback that address each customer or employee’s personal experience and satisfaction/engagement drivers.
SHARES this information through FeedFORWARD> to engage customers and team members in improvement, efficiency and innovation initiatives.
MAKES makes all your data accessible through a robust online reporting system to facilitate easy understanding & access.
PROVIDES real time / online reporting which enables unlimited opportunities for segmentation and comparison.
IDENTIFIES GAPS between how employee’s perceptions differ from those of the customers.
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