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Future Strategies Inc. (FSI)

FSI has over 26 years of experience, helping organizations, not for profits, government and individuals measure, track and monitor the quality of their key relationships with the ultimate goal of improving collaboration.


No matter how you cut it, to create new and positive things it takes people working together and collaborating on ideas and actions to drive that change.


All too often though, these actions are slow and don't get the desired effect, fizzling out as people lose interest.


Two key drivers in this is in misunderstanding and in the practice of outdated competitive tactics with people pushing their agenda rather than looking at the honest issue and saying how can we get this done ... together?


We believe that people can get far more accomplished when they work together ... honestly ... towards common goals.


Our mission is to help everyone to better understand each other and find ways of working together. We call this Social Collaboration and this philosophy is embedded in each and every initiative that we get involved in ... whether that be in a corporation, association, union, social group, government , city or community.


We are involved in many interesting initiatives ... with many interesting people ... all designed to help make our world a better place.

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Helping organizations better understand the relationships with (& between) their employees, customers and venders.

Enabling unprecedented collaboration in the pursuit of innovation that benefits everyone.

A remarkable place where people can collaborate with others to help their city reach it's highest possibilities.


Helping associations, foundations physicians, surgeons and other care givers help people feel (and be) better.

A feedback site dedicated to honesty and transparency in government, business and citizen engagement and collaboration.


We welcome collaboration and great ideas. If you have an idea or feel that you could work with us, then we would like to hear about it.


Just complete the following form and we will be back to you about your concept, idea or proposal.


Do something that counts and will count it for you!


Helping home owners save time and money while putting hard working students to work!

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Helping our remarkable veterans self discover, understand their skills, discover their passion and find the job with the best fit.

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