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Help Re-ImagineToronto's Homelessness System!



We are inviting you to help re-imagine our approach to poverty and homelessness!


Recently, the City of Toronto made some important changes to improve the way homelessness services are delivered at sites throughout the city. These are becoming focussed on helping clients to find and keep permanent homes while integrating more completely with the communities in which they operate.


We are looking at how the language used to describe these services to vulnerable clients can better reflect the values and hopeful outcomes associated with the improved shelter service delivery model.

We ask that you be a part of the team and help us to name and position this new take on how homelessness services are being delivered.

If you choose, we will share a summary of the results with you and provide you with the opportunity to comment further.

All responses are highly confidential and your personal information will be held in the strictest of confidence by the third party research company, Future Strategies Inc.


Thank you in advance!


Mayor John Tory


“Yes, I want to help change the conversation about homelessness”

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