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Creating Our Future Together

An Emerging Opportunity for Collaborative Communities


What kind of future do you envision for your family and friends? What are your ideas on how we can all move forward together? What is possible in this great town of ours?


All to often we get caught up in life and lose site of those things that are truly important to us.


We are inviting you to share your thoughts and ideas about Oakville and help co-create our future together!

What is it?


Oakville Possibilities was created for people just like you about how we are doing right now in the city and the future that you want to be a part of and help to co-create.


There are no hidden agendas and it is competely non partisan. There are no right or wrong answers. It's simply a way to tap into how we think and feel about our ideal future... together!



What we will do with your input?


The results will be shared back with everyone involved, including Federal, Province and Civic leaders.



Your personal information will be held in the strictist of confidence. In fact your email address will never be associated with your responses so you need to do two things to participate.





Step 1. Subscribe below so that we can share back the information that we are gathering with everyone who wants to. We will be totally transparent in our sharing. You will get to see all of the gathered information on the topics that you choose. Your specific results will remain completely private.


Step 01: Subscribe To Receive


Step 01: Subscribe for Oakville Updates

Congrats! You’re subscribed

Step 02: Choose Your Topics



Step 2. Click on any (or all) of the arrow links in the area bellow based upon which topics are of interest to you. Once there you can read about the topic and anonymously share your thoughts and ideas.

Have A Topic Idea?


Do you have a topic in mind that we could share with the rest of the Mississauga Possibilities Community?


Please share.


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