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Working Together To Overcome Today's Challenges and Create New Possibilities For Peel's Educational Systems!! 


We are all looking for ideas on how to effectively transition our family, friends, communities and businesses through this time of unprecedented change.  


This is an invitation for you to help co-create a better future Peel by sharing your experiences and ideas.


This 'Columbia Possibilities Initiative' is secure, private and fully transparent.

Please take 5-7 minutes to go through this instrument, and share your thoughts, ideas and challenges freely.  

You will receive an invitation to attend a series of complimentary online briefs facilitated by NY times #1 Best Selling Author John King (of Tribal Leadership) about the data gathered, the challenges faced and the ideas shared. In addition, we will send you regular summary reports so that we can all learn from each other.


Please feel free to share this link with anybody in your network or organization.

Together, we will find out what is really possible.


Please use an email address as your password.


Due to the question configuration we highly recommend completing it on a tablet or a desktop!

Click Here to Participate

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