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Welcome to Innovate Canada Forward... Online


What Is It?


We are inviting Canadian business founders/leaders to help co-create a future of prosperity together! Please share your thoughts and ideas through the online form below (It should take you less than 15 mintues to complete).


Your input will help to start a real conversation on what you need improved/changed, so that you can really innovate & grow your company.


This collaborative questionnaire is the start of conversation/ forum that will lead to real improvements for SME (Small & Medium sized Businesses) and Startup Businesses with revenues. In this first step, we are asking Founders to share the challenges (both internal and external) that their business is experiencing around successfully innovating and scaling to compete nationally or globally.


With this forum we will be able to communicate with the many stakeholders across Canada, on how we can raise Canadian business performance together! 

This NOT a government sponsored initiative, instead it is a forum facilitated by Connect4 Growth and progressive partners to enable and help Canadian businesses to innovate effectively, compete globally, grow and thrive together.... which will in turn support the growth and sustainability of Canada.... and ultimately to elevate our winning attitude from hockey to growing businesses...


If you like, we will share the ongoing results with you so that you can compare your thoughts, ideas, solutions and successes with those of others.


There is a spot at the beginning of the survey to enter your email address to register and have results shared with you.

Your privacy is especially important to us. Everything that we do is permission based. We will never share your information with anyone without your permission.

To Participate.... please login with your email address below. We guarantee your privacy and that you will be quite intrigued.

Due to question configuration you are best to use a desktop, tablet or laptop environment.

Most participants are intrigued and want to learn more. Please complete the form below so that we can share results with you.


Your details were sent successfully!


Who Are We?


The MindSuiteMetrics’ team has decades of experience using leading interactive research methodologies and developing the technology platforms to support them.  


As a result, we’ve been able to leverage our extensive research experiences to build industry specific solutions in many areas including but not limited to:

    Associations
    Technology (hardware/software/services)
    Automotive
    Consumer Health 
    Financial & Investment Services 
    Government 
    Manufacturing 

Each one of our GPS (Global Performance System) Solutions are easy to use and implement, requires no IT resources, and provides our clients with a deep understanding of the factors surrounding just about any type of stakeholder issue.  The key to these solutions is the way they promote relevant two-way communications between the service provider and customer/stakeholder for ongoing dialogue.  


In addition, the GPS allows you to easily benchmark against competitors, industry standards, and best practices.  


Our GPS system was designed to provide our clients with in-depth, three-dimensional feedback data that can be analyzed and viewed in many ways.


To find out more, please CONTACT US 

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