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“Learn How To Create A High Performance Organization.  See What Others Are Doing Right…”

Hello Chamber Client, 

We are inviting you to be a part of the design team that helps to create our future together.

Our work world is evolving and it has been proven that work culture directly affects our relationships and our performance.

We are pleased to sponsor the great Global HumanizingPerformance research initiative. Your feedback is necessary in helping us to ensure that we are creating a productive environment for everyone.


The initiative is a joint effort with ASU Project Humanities, MindSuite Metrics, NY Times Best Selling Author John King (of Tribal Leadership fame) and other sponsoring partners including us.

Your opinion and ideas matter, and even more so with the opportunities that are ahead of us as a city that seeks to improve our lives through our practices, processes and procedures.


The program is totally transparent and you will receive ongoing information on the results, the opportunity to continue participating and the opportunity to isolate your organization's information so that you can make better decisions in real time as they happen.

You can be assured that all responses to the survey are confidential. We will aggregate your data with those of your fellow team members so that your specific answers remain anonymous.

Together, we can make great things happen.

Wayne Clancy and John King will present the results at our conference in October and then release a formal white paper on our findings to be shared with participants shortly afterwards.

Please take a few minutes go through the assessment. We are certain that it will be time well spent.

Rod Jackson

“Yes, I Want To Participate And Get The Insights

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