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Trade & Professional Associations

Are you a forward thinking Association?


Looking for a new way to support better engagement through the member community?


Our BETA program is available now for FREE for a limited time.


And to our BETA members ... it will always be free!


Associations need to keep in close contact with its members, in order to understand their interests and needs, which is critical to ensuring that relevant services and resources are available to the member body.


Some of the Challenges Facing Associations:


  • Attracting and retaining new members and sponsors

  • Leveraging member information/feedback to create relevant content

  • Measure the effectiveness of events, courses, workshops & programs

  • Keeping on top of industry and membership trends

We've developed an easy-to-use member engagement program that:


  • Deploys electronic conversations with your members

  • Collects member feedback 

  • Instantaneously tabulates the data via our proprietary online report writer

  • Immediately reports-on the feedback in REAL-TIME through a web interface



Our feedback programs measure what members and their customers value most, their perceptions of industry activity, and their levels of satisfaction with services rendered.


That's right - all of these metrics rolled-up into one report. Some of the stakeholder relationships include:


  • Members-to-association

  • Suppliers-to-members

  • Customers-to-members

  • Association-to-customers, e.g. direct communications via tradeshow events, publications, etc.


Our approach and methodology is especially appropriate in measuring and managing the relationship intricacies of multi-stakeholder relationships. We help you to easily create a two-way communications pathway with members, and between members and their customers, which helps keep the association on top of changing trends and member perceptions.

If you are part of a forward thinking Association please let us know so that we can talk about the possibilities for your membership.


Our BETA program is absolutely FREE and always will be to our BETA partners. 

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