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The Great Humanizing Performance

Research Initiative

Please JOIN US 

In Becoming a Global Thought Leader

We have fabulous and integrated financial management systems.


We have fabulous and integrated operating systems.


However it is well understood that HUMANS drive performance .....


... so why do we NOT have fabulous and integrated human performance systems?


Some companies like Google and .... already get it. 



Wouldn't you like to be able to fully understand your Return on Investment for your Human Capital Initiatives? 


Wouldn't  you like to be able to fully optimize your organization's performance through your people?




... and we will share the results back with you openly and transparently ... as they come in.


There is no cost or obligation!


You could think of it as your ongoing source of REAL data about REAL people producing EXTRAORDINARY results.


Whether you are a private citizen, work in the private sector, in the not for profit sector, in government or in any other type of community your ideas are important to this initiative and ....


... you will have access to what others are thinking.... many others....

Take a few minutes to participate in this online human performance research and help create the future....


Outside of currently recognized measurement areas like culture and engagement,  this initiative also includes unique elements such as innovation, strategy and our Foundational and Ground Breaking work with the Humanity Gap Index in partnership with some truly inspirational thought leaders including 


  1. Arizona State University Project Humanities 

  2. John King, NY Times Best Selling Author of Tribal Leadership

  3. QuestionPro

  4. The Global Not For Profit 'One Million Acts of Innovation' .... and

  5. Many others. 


The Worlds first Humanity Gap Index is designed to help organization's and communities understand how their people impact performance


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